Object Oriented Design, Class Expectations

I have been waiting for this class for 7 semesters, and it’s finally here.  The climax of the undergraduate degree in Computer Science.  I hope to learn a lot in this class, and with a group like this:

  1. James Celona
  2. Long Nguyen
  3. Armindo Andrade
  4. Marcos Knight
  5. James Forkey

Who wouldn’t be excited?

I can’t wait to start our project and get some real experience with VCS and working in a group dynamic.  Utilizing a VCS effectively and learning to work with a diverse group of programmers is the most exciting part of this class.  I’m hoping this class will further my readiness for the ‘real world.’  Regardless of the fact that I have already been accepted to WPI’s graduate program.  Yeah, that’s pretty exciting in and of itself!

I am hoping we get to work on a really cool OSS project.  Obviously, having your name on an OSS project looks great, and it increases your self-esteem to a degree.  You can really respect yourself, having contributed to an OSS project.



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