Finally, we get to dive into some good stuff.  The Git assignment seemed pretty easy, but a lot of the commands were typos.  I guess that’s what you get for copy and pasting ;).  I thought it was going to take me quite a bit of time to learn the ins and outs of Git, but I picked it up pretty quick.  Trevor Hodde also pointed me in the direction of GitK, which is a GUI representation of Git.  It gives a visual representation of the last time you pulled from the Git repo.  I would strongly suggest GitK to anyone who is knew to Git.  My group seems to be having some difficulty grasping Git, as two of them have yet to complete the Git assignment, but I am holding out hope.

My group also didn’t follow the details of the assignment, the purpose was to invoke a conflict when multiple people edit the same file.  Instead, they created a new file – no conflicts were made.  I finished the assignment for completeness, but I hope they understand the purpose of Git and version control.  The assignment actually had you set the to “Your Name” and then color.ui, which is legal.  You can have the name variable contain multiple things.  Then, when you when to change it using git config –global ‘James Forkey’ it threw an error saying multiple instances of the variable existed.  The fix I found was to edit the .gitconfig file itself and make it so there was only one name variable with the appropriate context.

I don’t really have much Git experience prior to this, but I know how it works and it’s critical role in the real world.  I can’t wait to really utilize Git to its fullest potential.  I am interested to see if there will be one person committing, or if everyone will be committing, potentially overwriting working code with either broken code, or less efficient code.  I guess this is something we should discuss in the near future.  Dave and Mike have done a great job with the infrastructure portion.  We are almost ready to get our hands dirty.  Exciting!

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