What project to work on?

Today was focused on what project to work on.  The potential candidates were VLC, Firefox, Eucalyptus, Irrlicht, and Libre Office.  I joked, we should play the 5-3-1 game.  The 5-3-1 game is where you have a set of 5 options, the first person (The professor in this case) eliminates two options, and the second person (the students in the case) eliminate two more, leaving you with the winner.  We played something similar.  Each student ranked the 5 from least to most favorite, and then we tallied it up.  Eucalyptus won!  This project seems like a really good fit, since we will be able to work with the lead developers and gets everyone’s hands wet in cloud computing.

I also have very little experience with Python, so it will be interesting to pick up a new language along the way.  There is an infrastructure portion that will let the students who are less program-driven and more network-driven a chance to contribute equally.   There are a handful of students who aren’t intrigued by writing code.  Hopefully they are willing to get some hands-on experience early on with the infrastructure.

There was a lot of hard feelings when we came to the conclusion to work on Eucalyptus.  It’s important that they realize that this is the class project, and are willing to contribute to the best of their ability.  It doesn’t mean they can’t contribute to another open source project, but they’ll just have to do it on their own free time.  I have finally installed X-chat on my home desktop, so I can idle the appropriate channels.  This will help me keep up-to-date on the project and assist me with any questions I have once the project gets off the ground floor… which is hopefully sooner rather than later…


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