Solution to Hardware && Update

Last week, Brian Labbe and I looked at the best computers we could get for the amount we had (~$1000).

This seemed to be the best deal:

Then, IT said they had a handful of machines.  We scrapped the new hardware idea and waited for delivery.  Unfortunately, Spring break was coming up, and few people were willing to come in over Spring break to set the new machines up.  Dave, Mike, and I stepped up to the plate and came in on Monday and set up the machines to avoid an entire week of delay.  Within a few hours, all of the machines were swapped and ready to go.  We also had lunch at Bushel N’ Peck down the street.  Great food, great price, great service.  I highly recommend trying it!

Meanwhile, I just got back from the conference in DC at the NSF.  I had a lot of fun, it was great to meet everyone and get out-of-town during Spring Break.  It was also an all expense paid trip – so who wouldn’t be excited! It’s back to work at EMC in the morning.


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